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Chiropractic involves the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of problems relating the the spinal joints and associated soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, nerves).  Most people hear the word 'Chiropractic' and think 'backs'.  In fact, it is used to treat a wide variety of injuries and other health problems by improving functionality of the joints and nervous system.  Most people first see a Chiropractor for their neck or back and are subsequently treated for other 'niggles' elsewhere which may arise.  Others turn to Chiropractic care as a 'proactive' rather than 'reactive' choice of healthcare/treatment and in this way often prevent problems from arising.

While Chiropractors may advise you take basic anti-inflammatory medication (eg Ibuprofen) to help you with your pain initially, they do not prescribe medication. They will, however, advise on diet and lifestyle changes you could make for improved health generally and to help speed recovery.  Chiropractic is a completely natural, surgery and drug free way of treating a huge variety of problems. 

Many people worry about their pain returning once their course of treatment is over. Chiropractors are also extensively trained in Rehabilitation (exercises) similar to those which you would expect from a Physiotherapist. Chiropractors will identify which muscles are weak or tight and prescribe exercises to correct accordingly: imbalances between paired muscles often result in twists/distortion of the pelvis/spine/joints, the end result of which is usually pain. By correcting imbalances, you are likely to have less chance of relapse.