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After filling in an initial contact form, your Chiropractor will take a detailed history from you: this will involve questions related to both your current problem area as well as general health status. These questions are important as they allow us to accurately diagnose your pain and therefore decide on the best course of treatment.

You will then have a full physical, orthopaedic and neurological examination (gowns provided) after which your diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed. Healing times differ between individuals but your Chiropractor will advise on approximately how many treatments you are likely to need. You will of course have time to ask any questions and are welcome to bring a partner/friend with you. We can usually treat you at the end of your first consultation but in some circumstances we may need to refer you for an MRI/X-ray/Ultrasound first.

Your treatment is bespoke: you will not be treated in the same way as others. Treatment includes a variety of methods including mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue techniques including fascial release, trigger point therapy, & graston, PIR and other stretch techniques, blocking (SOT) and activator technique. We have a strong interest in rehabilitation and you will be given exercises during your treatment and after to speed recovery/prevent relapse.  We may also suggest both temporary and long term lifestyle changes which may help.


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