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Many people are under the impression that Chiropractors treat only backs and necks. In fact, we are as extensively trained in dealing with knee, hip, foot, elbow and wrist joints as we are with backs.  The list below which is by no means exhaustive, gives an idea of the areas/problems we can help with:

Ankle sprains 
Back & neck pain/stiffness/tension (acute & chronic, may be postural related)

Buttock & groin pain (which may be related to the back or hip)


Dizziness arising from the neck (Cervicogenic Dizziness)

Dizziness arising from the ear (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vetigo (note that treatment for this condition is not Chiropractic specific)

Elbow pain e.g. Tennis/Golfers elbow (which may be related to spinal dysfunction) 

Generalised aches & pains

Osteoarthritis related pain(E.g Hip and Knee OA in combination with exercises) 

Migraine prevention

(Some) Nerve pain (e.g. caused by an entrapment at/near a joint or within a muscle)

​Plantar fasciitis

(Some) Pregnancy related pain (e.g. related to laxity of ligaments/change in posture)


(Some) Sports related injuries/tension

Shoulder pain (dysfunction, disorders of, related soft tissue)
Rotator cuff muscle pain  
(injuries, disease or disorders)

Tension/inability to relax

Unsure if your problematic area falls into the above? Call now to book a free, no obligation to proceed, ten minute screen to see whether Chiropractic can help you.